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AIPT Group Announcement

Date: 2019-10-09



As asked and informed by many clients recently, the AIPT Group is unrestfully concerned about some acts of unfair competition at this moment done by our counterparts in the industry which have caused imminent and disturbing confusion about the brand names of any subsidiary of the Group and which have impeded our standard business operation negatively. Hence, we are hereby announcing this statement for the relevant public interest, as published as follows:

1.     Please notice there are currently SEVEN branded units under the AIPT Group, which are “Action Intellectual Property Tech Co., Ltd”, “AIPT International Law Office”, “AIPT International Trademark Office”, “AIPT Patent Office”, “AIPT Law Firm”, “AIPT International Co., Ltd.”, and “CHIP Patent, Trademark and Law Office”. Any other company, firm or organization titled “Action IP” or “AIPT” bears no connection with the AIPT Group by any means or in any form.

The main emails of the AIPT Group are “” and”. Consequentially, should any email message be sent from any email address other than the aforesaid ones, it is by no means sent by the AIPT Group. Please beware of the information for your own interest.

The registered trademarks and names “”, “”, and “  ” are used and owned by the AIPT Group exclusively. No unrelated business counterpart is allowed to use the aforementioned imprint words or devices under any circumstances.

4.     All rights are reserved by the AIPT Group against any possible act such as impostures of any subsidiary of the Group and intended acts of the public confusion about the brand names or such which may damage the reputation or image of the AIPT Group. We shall immediately take necessary legal actions without exception.


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