AIPT International Law Office (AIPTIL) a professional law firm specializing in intellectual property (incl. trademark, patent and copyright), real estate disputes (incl. architecture, engineering and construction), and corporate commercial cases (incl. corporate law, going public), and is the legal support of the AIPT Group’s Intellectual Property setup.

AIPT Group was founded by Ivan Chen in 2004 when AIPT Patent, Trademark & Law Firm was established in Taiwan, initially located within the Changchun Building. At the time, there were only two partners who each took care of business and procedural management; and the drafting of patent specifications and quality management.  AIPT was created using over a decade of experience in patent prosecution and litigation, with the aim of being the invisible aid to corporate legal and patent departments.  In the same year, the legal division of AIPT was established. By 2010, AIPT (Taiwan) received recognition from domestic and international clients by believing that “business success will come to those who are skillful”.

In 2011, AIPT Group was born. At present, AIPT Group consists of Taiwan AIPT Patent, Trademark & Law Office, AIPT International Law Firm, Action Technology Patent Co., Ltd., AIPT Biotechnology Inc., AIPT Commerce Co., Ltd. and Praesto Accounting Firm as its main members in Taiwan. Responsible for the integration of cross-strait legal, accounting, safety requirements and other legal authentication services across Taiwan and China.
In February 2012, AIPT Group separated its legal department into an independent AIPT International Law Office (AIPTIL), with Laurie Chou, a partner of the AIPT Group as its managing attorney. In the same year, AIPT Group carried out closely strategic cooperation with the senior attorney from the largest firm in China, resulting in the establishment of an independent organization in Wuhan which handles IP matters, companies going public and other market dealings, in addition to corporate management and other external matters.

AIPT International Law Office (AIPTIL) utilizes the network of cooperation between patent, safety regulations, trademarks, legal and accounting firms across over 100 countries established by its parent AIPT Group, for the rapid exchange of intelligence, in order to provide global, professional legal services to help clients efficiently maintain and realize their legal rights and goals.