Action Technology Patent Co., Ltd.
Action Technology Patent Co., Ltd., part of the AIPT Group, mainly focuses on EMC safety testing and certification, and laboratories for safety testing and certification services around the world. Our team consists of sales and engineering professionals from various large-scale laboratories and with decades of experience. Promptly fulfilling all our clients’ needs is our mission. At the same time, Action Technology Patent Co., Ltd. is the national designated laboratory for the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI), and under the same Group has other companies in the line of patents, law, technology, apparel, catering, living goods, so that clients can have a complete solution for all their patent, legal…. needs when using our safety testing and certification services.
Qualification of Action Technology Patent Co., Ltd.’s testing laboratories:
Not only has Action Technology Patent Co., Ltd. been awarded the qualification of being the designated testing laboratory by the BSMI, it has also been awarded other designated laboratory accreditation such as TAF, ILAC, as well as obtained WIDP certifications from more than 10 countries around the world i.e. UL, TUV, ITS.
Services of Action Technology Patent Co., Ltd.’s testing laboratories:
Action Technology Patent Co., Ltd. is well equipped with EMC test facilities, safety test facilities and spare parts blasting test rooms. Our team is accredited to provide testing and certification services for the following industries: information technology, audiovisual, home appliances, lighting, automatic hand tools, UPS products, power supplies, machine components, medical equipment and instruments, and other products. It is our mission to deliver efficient and prompt services for our clients’ products to be qualified for launch in markets around the world. It has always been our team’s duty to assist our clients in maintaining high quality, and hope to grow together with our clients, and to provide safe, high-quality and quality-assured electrical products to our clients.