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The Core Competence of AIPT

Pressure comes from competition, and professional experience is passed to the younger generation under pressure.    

Growing while working diligently!

Core Competence 1
Providing considerate services required by customers
AIPT keeps on retaining professional patent attorneys who have been working in private industry and government sector. The professionals in our company provide wide ranging services to clients by satisfying clients' real needs. Such services will strengthen clients' recognition of AIPT, and build up the firm's brand loyalty.
Core Competence 2
Making sure the clients receive satisfied service ASAP
AIPT delivers high quality and reliable services and responses to clients as soon as possible by automating service platform with IT technology.
Core Competence 3
Making sure our services are comprehensive

The services AIPT provides include patent, trademark, copyright, integrated circuit layout, safety standard certification, health food certification, FDA approval, product inspection, ISO certification, import/export requirement, environmental compliance, and taxation issues. AIPT keeps on delivering comprehensive services for clients' international needs.