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2004 Establishment of AIPT Patent Taipei
The first patent company to make comparison tables of clients' patent classifications and analyze against those of the clients' competitors using Excel document format.The first to produce patent claim charts for clients so that they can avoid the patents of their competitors.The first to provide copyright checklists for computer software companies.

2005  Establishment of AIPT Patent Shanghai
Approved by the PRC's State Intellectual Property Office and State Administration for Industry & Commerce as a patent law agency to process applications for international patents.
2006 U.S. Patent attorneys on board.
Set up operations in Japan.
Set up branch office in Tainan, Taiwan.
2008 Establishment of AIPT USA
Establishment of the litigation department.
Providing patent infringement litigation service with a fixed fee.
Providing pre- and post-court patent infringement litigation consultation service.
2009 Set up branch office in Taichung, Taiwan
Providing free English translation of summaries necessary for patent application, reducing clients' fees.
Providing one-stop service for patent, trademark, and health food certification.
Providing cross-strait health food certification platform.
2010 Set up branch office in Miaoli, Taiwan
Introducing electronic patent and trademark application service to lower clients' fees.
Introducing electronic patent, trademark, and legal documentation systems.
Introducing automated incoming and outgoing document assignment system.
In the future, AIPT is committed to further lowering operating costs and clients' financial burden, reducing energy spending by 30%, and introducing a green working environment.