Product Inspection Mission Statement
Since the customer does not understand the safety requirements of the products’ internal parts and structure when the product shipment is received, it is common for the manufacturer to cut corners on labor and materials to reduce costs, which leads to product safety issues and reduced quality.
To this end, ASIX provides a series of product inspection services to provide customers with safe, secure and high quality products for sale on the market.  
Product Testing’s Targeted Services

1. For ODM: When the product reaches the harbor in Taiwan, the customer or laboratory personnel directly take samples and conduct inspection. Non-conforming products found during inspection are returned directly.

2. For OEM (Taiwan): Laboratory personnel directly take samples and conduct inspection. The OEM qualification for that product is cancelled if non-conforming products are found during inspection.  

3. Brand vendor and brand licensee: Pre-import product testing and evaluation and introduce post-import product inspection for self-purchased products and products provided by trading companies according to the brand vendor quality requirements.

4. Trading companies and distributors: Perform product testing and evaluation and pre-delivery product inspection for imported products according to the quality requirements of the customer in the transaction.
Product Testing Details and Explanation
I.                  Appearance and Structure Inspection

1. Is the integrity complete and uniform?
2. Do the accessories assemble and disassemble smoothly
3. Are the various parts fastened securely?
  Have any parts become loose or fallen off?  
4. Is there any sharp burring, stains, scratches, chipped paint or flow marks?
5. Are there any overly large gaps or mismatches between the parts and main unit?

II. Function and Operation Inspection

1. Do the various functions and actions work normally as according to the instruction manual?
2. Do the operation results of the item meet requirements? 
III. Internal Structure and Wiring Inspection

1. Are the parts fastened securely?
2. Are the terminals and insert pins connected securely?
3. Are the internal circuits in their appropriate positions? Are they properly secured?  Are there any crushed circuits?
4. Is the internal wiring of an  appropriate length?
5. Is the soldering method correct? Is the exposed copper wire of an appropriate length?

IV. Testing Items

1. Basic testing: Power, insulation resistance, withstand voltage, leakage current, discharge …
2. Performance testing:
For example, electric fan testing:
RPM, air flow, air speed, noise, etc…  For example: induction cooker testing: Potless testing, small object testing, etc… (perform related testing in conjunction with brand vendor testing requirements and CNS requirements)
3. Temperature rise testing: Testing temperature rise on various parts at different voltages and power conditions as according to requirements
4. Abnormal temperature rise testing: Test temperature rise on various parts for various abnormal conditions as according to requirements (for example: empty heating, temperature control short circuit, motor stall, capacitor open/short circuit)
5. Abnormal voltage testing: Input abnormal voltage 220Vac testing

V. Product Comparison

1. Capability and efficiency comparison
2. Power consumption comparison
V. End-product Inspection
1. Printed article inspection (including: specification sticker, instruction manual, color box, outer carton)
2. Function and operation
3. Check safety standards of major parts and components
4. Basic performance inspection
5. Safety performance inspection

VI. Special inspection custom service

At ASIX, you can submit special testing requirements based on the individual attributes of your product. All regulatory testing can be conducted according to the standards requested by the customer so that the products of every customer meet high standards and high quality requirementsfor the consumer’s increased safety.

ASIX Testing Certification Procedure
Inspection order  Sign and return order   Inspection quotation
Sign and return quotation   Prepare inspection report form
Request 50% payment  Inspection assignment   OK   Submit inspection report  Request 50% payment   Close out
NG   Review quotation   Sign and return quotation  Review assignment  OK  NG  Submit inspection report   Request 50% payment  Close out