Certification Consultation Service for Products in R&D
1. Assist in structural examination before safety testing:

  Action Technology Patent Co. can provide advice regarding SAFETY requirement problems face by manufacturers during R&D, such as insulation distance in PCB layout, insulation regulations for transformers, evaluation of mechanism design, etc., to help manufacturers lessen the unnecessary waste of manpower and money during R&D of products by avoiding design mistakes.

2. Assist in EMC modification and provide modification strategies:

 Manufacturers may face problems with EMC testing during R&D when professional EMC modification engineers are not available. Action Technology Patent Co. can provide appropriate modification suggestions and strategies. 
3. Assist clients to promptly complete factory inspection

After manufacturers receive product certification, they still have to conduct factory inspection, such as Taiwan’s BSMI (CNS regulations), UL in the U.S. (UL regulations), Europe’s TUV, E.U.’s CE (IEC/EN regulations), China’s CCC (GB regulations), and Europe’s automotive regulations E/e-MARK all have related requirements. Action Technology Patent Co. can also assist in factory inspection matters and advise manufacturers and factories in testing matters.
Action Technology Patent Co.’s aims and core values:
Our team’s continual goal and strategy is to give our all in assisting clients to quickly complete R&D and design, and quickly obtain certification from various countries over the world.

At Action Technology Patent Co., we will first understand the client’s problem and listen to the client’s needs in order to work closely with the client in every step of R&D to design a complete, safe design scheme together, so that your business may have higher output and value.