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The establishment of AIPT represents the persistence and the dream coming true of the five founders who are dedicated to provide the much needed patent and legal services to potential clients. Building a self-sustainable patent and legal service operation is our only aspiration and goal!


Management Philosophy


In December 2004, more than six months had passed since AIPT was incorporated. A young man, born in the 70's, was riding on the Metro of Taipei Rapid Transit Corp. He was frowning at a bankbook with a meager balance of NT$8,000. He asked, "Could we back off?" The other young man, who was also born in the 70's, replied determinedly, "No, not at all! Even if we do, that would be a dead end!" Their only option and goal was to succeed.  They took the Metro back to their small office located on Chienkuo N. Road. There were only two desks in a small office of 142 sq. ft. shared with another small business. At that time, they could never have imagined their company would grow into a multinational intellectual property service business with a payroll of 100 employees in five locations occupying an office space 100 times of the starting office, plus two biotechnology firms.   


While the founder of AIPT was working for Acer Inc., he was impressed with the strategy of economies of scale, which is critical to minimize operating costs and expenses. This strategy enables AIPT to provide the most affordable and customized professional services to the clients