OYSTER INN (Seafood Oyster Bar)

Sipping drinks, tasting delicious foods, listening to music , relaxing! Located close to Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, OYSTER INN Seafood Oyster Bar uses a tipsy, stress-free atmosphere to create a cozy meeting place for surrounding workers. The variety of fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables dishes let your taste buds feel the chef’s diligence.

The only place in Taiwan that sells fresh live oysters flown in from all over the world, friends who enjoy oysters are in luck, OYSTER INN gives you the chance to taste dozens of different types of oysters

from all around the world, matched with a variety of white wine and champagne, and lets you immerse in the ultimate enjoyment of feeling like you are in an oyster bar abroad.

Importing live oysters from all over the world and other seasonal seafood, we provide a huge variety of individual set meals and exquisite à la carte selections.
Let yourself indulge in the pleasure of live oysters and seafood.

Many types of white wine and red wine are available
The ultimate pleasure for your taste buds